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The benefits of using the RHR System are clear.

You will reduce labor cost during all phases of purchasing and product control while greatly improving the accuracy and speed of your management information.

The RHR System will make operations and employees more efficient. 

Vital transactions can be sped through your system without costly go-betweens or time-consuming manual double entries.  One of the many features of the RHR System provides for day par stock updating which makes for more accurate ordering and reduces overall inventory levels.

RHR System features:

  • Sets up and tracks Budgets in Categories, Items, Locations, etc.

  • Creates a history of activities to better manage purchasing and usage of products and services.

  • Provides an Electronic Requisition system with email notification.

  • Integrated Recipe module to handle an almost limitless number of items.  All of which can be set up with nutritional values.

  • Allows for the set up of an asset tracking process.

User-friendly purchase-order system provides:

  • A running balance of purchases to budget

  • A quick reference to price history of items

How the RHR System benefits you:

Easy electronic price updates from a variety of vendors

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