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RHR offers state-of-the-art purchasing and materials management.

The complete system comes equipped to scan and print its own bar codes.

Eliminate the need for manual data entry. Obtain completed reports instantly. An entire report of daily activities is available at the close of each day.

RHR allows you to create your own bar code labels for products or read the vendor’s existing UPC code.  Either way, receiving, issuing and inventorying is fast and accurate.

The entire inventory process is as easy as “point and shoot”.  With our bar code scanners, periodic inventories are   documented, variances noted and corrected, and departments completed in a couple of hours.

The RHR System makes you more responsive than ever before.

RHR allows for a variety of automatic price updates from your vendors.  You will no longer have to spend hours inputting current pricing.

The RHR System provides for daily automatic updating of menu costing in food outlets, a task usually delayed far too long, requiring several employees.

RHR allows you to create “standard order guides” for those routine and repetitive PO’s.  Get a reminder of your orders, click on the list, make last minute changes to the order and “bam” your done.

The RHR System allows for accurate Asset Tracking.

Have a new property? Undergoing a major renovation?...  Just want to "get it together"? The RHR System will be your tireless assistant.

You will know where every item is all the time. As items move around the property during construction, RHR will let you know if they have arrived, what condition they are in, and where they are stored. Keeping track of assets is a snap with RHR's hand-held terminals and bar code labels. Point and shoot!

Enjoy continuous access to purchasing records. Do you want to know from whom you bought the TV's? How many did you get? How much were they? Where are they located? You are only a couple of clicks away.

The RHR System is an enhancement that uses your existing resources.

Our portable hand-held units compliment the way you currently operate. When it comes to training, our custom-tailored programs are designed and delivered by people with industry experience. Our years in the hospitality industry have given us a keen sense of what your needs are and how to tailor the RHR System to fit those needs.

From cutting the cost of doing business to improving bottom line profits, the RHR System provides the tools you need to succeed.

Let the RHR System give you the edge to out-perform the competition!

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